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Is Meladerm safe? This is one of the more common questions asked by those of us who are looking to purchase this popular skin lightening cream. We search for Meladerm Reviews to get our facts straight and to see if this skin whitener really does what it says. And what I can say is that most of the Meladerm reviews that I’ve seen are not always 100% accurate. These reviews I find can be pretty sugarcoated and so my attempt in this article will be to dish out the straight facts about what I’ve found on this popular new skin lightener.

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To answer the first question of this article, Yes Meladerm is safe for everyday normal people, like us, to use. It is made from all natural ingredients with the likes of Mulberry extract, Lemon juice extract and Kojic acid and it is free from dangerous chemicals that may have bad side effects like hydroquinone.

Now how is Meladerm sold? Meladerm is sold online and very convenient for some of us as online catalogs and Meladerm reviews can give out some information we need about the product beforehand. Personally for me, it’s so much more convenient for the product to be delivered than to go out and buy the same kind in stores.

Results of Meladerm will show up within 2-3 weeks and will fully be recognized or seen within 3-5 months from first application without any signs of side effects. This answers the question “Is Meladerm safe?” with a resounding yes. Now you will know that Meladerm is the best product to treat those skin discolorations and you can rest peacefully knowing that it is safe and effective.


Meladerm is made by Civant Skin Care, one of the leading companies today in health and wellness. Most Civant meladerm reviews in the web tend to forget that this product was developed in over four years with the use of the most advance technology at that time. When the product came out in 2003, it immediately garnered acclaim as one of the best skin lightening creams ever to be introduced in the market.

Another error that most Meladerm cream reviews make is that they fail to mention another feature of Meladerm that makes the consumer buy over and over again. This feature of Meladerm is its unique after texture that other skin whitening creams don’t have. When applying Meladerm, you will notice that it doesn’t have the stickiness that most of us stray away from in other whitening creams. Most of us want something that isn’t only effective, but feels good when applying.

The Meladerm reviews I’ve read online also have the habit of really boring the reader. This make it pretty hard to get through a whole article.  Now I can take boring so long as I get good information, so I don’t want to come across as too harsh of a critic, it’s not a celebrity gossip column I’m after mind you, but the combination of lack of good information along with a lack of dynamics by an article may turn off some readers.

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We all want to be good looking, don’t we? So, I don’t want you the reader, to go out and buy Meladerm without knowing everything about it first. Nothing is more irritating than getting something, only to regret it later on, an experience all of us have had, I presume.

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